NYSC Medical Fitness Certificate | How to Get Yours Now

If you’re about to go to NYSC orientation camp, then you’ve probably heard about the importance of obtaining a medical fitness certificate.

In light of the concerns raised by the health and well-being of corps members, the NYSC leadership has made it mandatory for all prospective corps members (PCMs) to provide a fitness medical certificate before participating in the orientation course.

Here, we’ll walk you through the essential details you need to know about the NYSC medical fitness certificate, how to obtain it, and the tests you’ll need to undergo.

What is the NYSC Medical Fitness Certificate?

The NYSC medical fitness certificate is a document that verifies your health status and ensures that you are physically fit to participate in the NYSC orientation course.

This certificate is a requirement to ensure the safety and well-being of all corps members during their service year.

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Where Can You Get the NYSC Medical Certificate?

To get the NYSC medical fitness certificate, you need to visit a government-owned hospital or a military hospital.

Recognized institutions for this purpose include federal medical centers, teaching hospitals, general hospitals, government specialist hospitals, military hospitals, police hospitals, and customs hospitals.

Important Points to Note

  • You cannot use a certificate from a friend or a private hospital.
  • The certificate must be signed by a doctor employed by a government or military hospital.
  • The certificate is valid for only 3 months after issuance or collection from the hospital.

Tests Included in the NYSC Medical Certificate

Here’s a list of tests that every PCM is expected to undergo to obtain the NYSC medical fitness certificate:

  1. Blood Group
  2. Blood Pressure
  3. Chest X-ray
  4. Genotype
  5. HCV (Hepatitis C Virus)
  6. HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus)
  7. PCV (Packed Cell Volume)
  8. Stool Analysis
  9. Urinalysis
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How to Get NYSC Medical Fitness Certificate

  1. Visit a recognized government or military hospital to get registered. You’ll be given a hospital card and a file will be opened in your name.
  2. You will be directed to the appropriate laboratories within the hospital where the necessary tests will be conducted. Samples will be collected from you for testing.
  3. Once the tests are completed, you’ll need to collect the test results for your medical records.
  4. Take your test results to a doctor employed by the hospital. The doctor will evaluate your results and issue you the medical fitness certificate based on these results.
  5. Make sure the certificate is signed by the doctor and stamped with the official seal of the Government Hospital. This ensures the authenticity of the document.

Sample of NYSC Medical Fitness Certificate

Sample of nysc medical fitness certificate
Disclaimer: This picture provide this blog post is for educational purposes only.

It’s important to follow the proper procedures to obtain your NYSC medical fitness certificate.

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Avoid attempting to buy the certificate through unethical means such as bribery.

The certificate is a testament to your health status and well-being, and it’s in your best interest to obtain it through legitimate channels.


By following these steps and ensuring you have your NYSC medical fitness certificate in hand, you’ll be one step closer to embarking on a safe and fulfilling NYSC journey.

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