How to Do JAMB Regularization For DE, HND and NYSC 2023

How to Do JAMB Regularization For DE, HND and NYSC 2023

If you’ve been trying to figure out the JAMB regularization process and need some guidance, you’ve come to the right place.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through the steps to complete JAMB regularization without stress, whether you’re a DE, HND, or NYSC applicant.

What is JAMB Regularization?

JAMB regularization is a process that validates candidates’ current admission information with the institution that offered them admission.

It ensures that JAMB has clear data that matches your enrollment details at the admitting institution.

This process also enables candidates who have been admitted but have never registered with JAMB to do so.

Who Needs to Do JAMB Regularization?

JAMB regularization is meant for the following categories of higher institution students:

  1. Undergraduates who have been admitted by an institution but their JAMB admission status still reads “No Admission Given Yet.”
  2. Students whose names are not listed on the JAMB webpage and don’t have their JAMB admission letter.
  3. Graduates with ND, HND, NCE, or IJMB qualifications, who are enrolled in Pre-degree or Evening courses without a JAMB registration number and want to apply for JAMB direct entry.
  4. Students whose current admission information does not match the details they are currently using.
  5. Those who had to choose between two admissions and selected the one given by an institution other than the one given by JAMB.
  6. Students needing their admission letter for NYSC service.
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How Long Does JAMB Regularization Take?

Once your JAMB regularization form gets to the JAMB office, it typically gets approved within 24 hours of submission.

However, there may be delays if your school takes weeks or months to process the form.

How to Do JAMB Regularization

1. Visit any JAMB office or an accredited center.
2. Ensure you have all the required documents.
3. Ask a JAMB attendant for guidance on payment and processing.
4. The attendant will assist you in completing the form.
5. Print out your JAMB regularization form after submission.
6. Take the signed form to your institution’s admission office.
7. Your school will submit the form to the nearest JAMB office or directly to Abuja.
8. You will receive an email notification of the process.

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How to Check JAMB Regularization Approval Status

1. Log in to your JAMB account profile at
2. Type your correct JAMB email address and password to log in.
3. Select “Check Admission Status” in the dashboard.
4. Choose the appropriate year of admission and enter your JAMB registration number (if provided during regularization).
5. You will see if your regularization has been approved.

Can You Do JAMB Regularization Twice?

Yes, JAMB allows students to attempt regularization twice, especially if there was an error in the first attempt.

After JAMB signs and approves the indemnification form, changing your JAMB registration number becomes challenging.

Is JAMB Regularization Compulsory?

Yes, JAMB regularization is compulsory for all Nigerian graduates who want to qualify for the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) registration and mobilization.

Necessary Information for JAMB Regularization

During the JAMB regularization process, you’ll need to submit:

  • Personal details (name, gender, date of birth, address, nationality, etc.).
    O’level details (results, subjects offered, grades, etc.).
    Institution details (admission number, name of school, matriculation year, etc.).
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How Much Is JAMB Regularization?

For candidates with JAMB registration numbers, the cost is #5000 at any JAMB office. For those without JAMB registration numbers, the approved fee is N8,500.

How to Print Your JAMB Regularization Letter

To print your admission letter after completing JAMB regularization, log in to your JAMB portal, click on “Admission Letter,” enter your debit card details for payment, and print out your admission letter.


In conclusion, JAMB regularization is essential for every Nigerian graduate to participate in NYSC.

Follow this guide to complete the process without any hitches and ensure you have accurate and approved admission details.

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