The Relationship between Community and School

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Community is component of culture, and education is the counterpart of the two components listed above. School is the social institution where, over a period of time, consciously designed learning experiences are delivered with the goals of achieving broad social goals.

Also, school is described as a subsystem of the society’s bigger scheme. With its instant setting, the community in which it is located, it must functionally coordinate.

The community is intended to employ a wider group of individuals within relatively identifiable limits and linked to each other through socio-economic and civic operations that generate unity among them enough to create a recognizable group identity.

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The main group and agents engaged in the dynamics of the school-to-community arc relationship: school administration, educators, non-teachers, students and parents, governing bodies and school boards.

Local political officials, government bodies and political parties as well as other government, social and cultural organizations are beyond instant proximity to the universities. Parents are always in continuous contact with the correct school and arc channel of the procedure that is part of the society.

Although parent gatherings in a college are informal about a village’s general ignorance about maintaining its instant surrounding clean personnel members can take this as a severe task. Parents are therefore a counterpart to the classroom subsystem.

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