How To Play Bet9ja: A Practical Step-by-Step Online Guide

Bet9ja Latest Tricks And Guide

So you want to know how to play Bet9ja games? Don’t worry, I’ll show you exactly how it’s done so you too can start smiling to the bank like many others!

Bet9ja, registered in Nigeria as KC Gaming Networks Limited, is a sports betting company that operates in Nigeria. From soccer to basketball, to volleyball, badminton, cricket and so on, the company offers different betting options for its numerous users in the country.

In this article today, I will show you exactly how to play Bet9ja from the comfort of your home using your device or outside of your home their shop agents.

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Before showing you how to play Bet9ja and successfully stake a bet on the company’s online platform, let me briefly explain some of the most popular terminologies and categories you are likely to come across while trying to place a bet on their website.

Bet9ja Terminologies And Categories Explained

1. Super9ja

This is a weekly, free to enter football jackpot that allows you to win ₦10,000,000 simply by predicting the correct scores of 6 randomly selected games for that week.

Since Super9ja is free to play, you can participate in it even without having a dime in your Bet9ja account and even if you have some funds there before playing it, it will not be touched.

Apart from the ₦10 million jackpot, you stand to win from playing the Super9ja, you also stand the chance of winning from ₦100,000 down to ₦1,500 for being among the first 20 people with the highest number of points (most correct scores) for that week.

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2. Virtual

As stated on their website, “the Virtual Game provides a computer-generated presentation of a totally random draw result where the outcomes are decided by the numbers selected by an independently certified Random Number Generator.”

What that simply means is that the Virtual Game allows you to predict the outcome of a simulated match. The virtual games are simulated in the sense that they are not real, they are computer generated matches.

Unlike the Super9ja, Virtual Games requires you to have at least ₦100 to ₦150 in your account before you can play it, whether online or offline.

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3. Live Betting

Live betting gives you the opportunity to predict the outcome of a game that is already in play. The games must have started before you can play it.

Since live betting has to do with games that are already in play, the odds attached to those games are constantly changing – faster than that of any other bet category.

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4. Bet9ja Racing

Bet9ja racing or races is a racing game consisting of dogs and horses which can be played at any moment of the day.

In dog racing, you get to decide the name of the dog that will emerge the first position from the race.

Other not so popular categories and terminologies you can learn of with time include Spin & Win, Casino, Hot Shot etc.

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How To Play Bet9ja Games

There are two major ways you can play Bet9ja games. The first is with the help of a booking code which you will have to visit any Bet9ja agent’s shop to place your bet and have the games printed out for you. (I will explain this fully in a jiffy, stick with me)

The second way is through the use of a personal account online. With this personal account, you will not need to visit Bet9ja shops to place your bets and have your matches printed out. You will do everything by yourself online. (I will show you exactly how to do this in another subheading below)

How To Play Bet9ja Games In A Physical Shop Location

This is the first and easiest method to play Bet9ja games. It has to do with you booking the games you will like to play online and then visiting any Bet9ja shops around you to have your bets placed and the games printed out on a small ticket-like paper.

Here are the steps you need to take to do this successfully:

  • Log on to using any device of your choice (computer, smartphone etc)
  • If you are on mobile, you will be redirected automatically to the company’s old mobile site where you will see something like this.

  • Click on “BET” as shown in the arrow in the above image and the next page will load where you will have to select the category of games you will like to play. For instance “soccer,” “tennis,” “basketball” etc.
  • Select the games category e.g. Soccer and the next page will open where you will have to select the country of your choice.
  • Click on any of them you want and follow it till you see a game between two teams in that category. The home team is often the team given the “Odd” with the number 1 to win. So if you click on that “1,” you are saying the home team will win the match. A click on “X” means the game will be a draw while clicking on “2” means the Away team will win.

  • While you are selecting the games, you will notice the number of games you have so far selected counting at the top right-hand corner of your screen. (on the cart image)
  • Once you are done selecting your games, click on that cart image above and a new page will open where you have to include the amount of money you want to stake on the game.

  • After that, click on ‘bet’ and a new page will show up with the booking code which you are to copy and take along with you to a Bet9ja shop to officially place the game and have the games printed out.

  • As soon as all the games have been played and you discovered you won, you will have to go back to that particular shop to collect your winnings.

Other games you can play in shops without having to use a booking code for them includes Dog racing, horse racing, virtual football games etc. These ones can be played and the results out within 2 minutes.

How To Play Bet9ja Games Online Using A Personal Account

The second way to play Bet9ja games apart from visiting a physical shop is by creating a personal account solely for that purpose.

See all Bet9ja Betting Codes And Their  odds  explained here.

The Bet9ja personal account comes with so many advantages:

  1. It allows you to stake your games online privately.
  2. You receive your winnings directly in your bank account without any stress at all.
  3. It is easy to fund. You only need to have some money in your bank account and your ATM card details to be able to fund your Bet9ja account.
  4. It enables you to “cash-out” your winnings before the games have all been played. Take for instance you selected 9 games and out that 9, 5 have been played and you are winning. Bet9ja will give you an option “Cash-out” to take a percentage of what you’ve won so far and leave instead of losing everything due to an unexpected outcome from the remaining games.

Having seen the advantages of the personal account, here is how to create one and play games with it.

  • On the next page, you will be required to enter your name, a valid email address (for verification purposes) and other personal info.
  • Enter your name exactly as it is on your bank account alongside your other information and click on submit.

  • A verification mail will be sent to the email address you entered earlier on during registration. Find the mail in your inbox and click on the link in the mail to verify your account.
  • Once you have verified your account and completed your registration, sign into your account and click on “Deposit” to add some funds to your account.

  • After this, go back to the homepage and click on “Bet” and follow the options to place a bet.
  • Once successful, the exact amount you staked on the game will be deducted from the funds you have in your account and a coupon code will be assigned to your game as well.
  • If you would like to see the games you played, go back to the homepage and click on “Bets” button. A list of the bets you’ve placed will show up. Here you can easily see the ones that are ongoing, the ones you’ve won and the ones you lost as well.
  • if you win any game, you will have the winnings credited to your Bet9ja account from where you can apply for a withdrawal and receive your payment in your local bank account.

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Other bet markets you can try apart from a win or draw at your own convenience include correct scores, multi correct scores, total number of goals, half time results, both teams to score (GG), highest scoring half, draw no bet, handicap, goalscorers and so on.

Take your time to see how each of these works and know the ones you are much better at. With time, you can start trying other sports like MMA, Boxing, American football, Cycling, Rugby, Cricket etc.

If you ever run into any challenges, do not hesitate to reach out to their customer care representatives through their social media handles or directly on their website.

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I hope you find this useful and now know how to play Bet9ja?

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