Best Science Courses to Study in Nigeria 2023

10 Best Science Courses to Study in Nigeria 2023

Making the right academic choice, especially in the scientific field, can be challenging. While passion is an excellent guide, many students may be unsure of their true interests.

Science degrees are highly prized worldwide, as science is the driving force behind technological advancements.

Science is analytical and applicable to various aspects of daily life, making it a fascinating field to explore.

Best Science Courses to Study in Nigeria

In Nigeria, one of the most commonly pursued science degrees is the B.Sc (Bachelor of Science), offering numerous opportunities for personal and societal development.

1. Pharmacy:

As the healthcare sector expands, so does the need for pharmaceutical experts. A degree in Pharmacy prepares students to be knowledgeable about medications, their effects, and their safe dispensation, making it a critical course for healthcare advancements.

2. Engineering Courses:

Engineering is a diverse field comprising core sciences like mathematics, chemistry, physics, biology, geography, and agric.

Nigerian universities offer excellent engineering courses, including chemical, mechanical, electrical, electronics, petroleum, and civil engineering.

3. Nursing:

Often perceived as a female-dominated profession, nursing is a noble and essential course.

The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the crucial role nurses play in healthcare.

Graduates have excellent job prospects in various sectors due to the constant demand for nursing professionals.

4. Computer Science:

Highly recommendable for science students, computer science offers numerous self-employment opportunities and job prospects for its graduates.

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The tech industry is booming, making computer science a lucrative and in-demand course.

5. Mathematics:

Mathematics graduates have a wide range of employment opportunities, from becoming lecturers to data analysts, actuaries, math professors, and tutors. The knowledge of mathematics is valuable across many industries.

6. Physics:

Physics serves as the foundation for various other sciences and is widely applicable to engineering and medical fields. Physics graduates can pursue careers in research and even academia.

7. Biochemistry:

A competitive course in Nigeria, biochemistry offers graduates opportunities in hospitals, food companies, laboratories, pharmaceutical industries, and health consultation firms.

8. Medicine:

Undoubtedly one of the most sought-after science courses in Nigeria, Medicine remains a top choice for students aspiring to become doctors. With a growing population and increasing health challenges, the demand for skilled medical professionals is ever-present.

9. Microbiology:

While not offering as many job opportunities in Nigeria, microbiologists are valuable professionals in advanced countries. Microbiology graduates can work in medical laboratories, hospitals, and research firms.

10. Industrial Chemistry:

Industrial Chemistry students learn how to apply chemical principles to various industries, including manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, and petrochemicals. This course plays a vital role in Nigeria’s industrial growth and development.

FAQs About Best Science Courses to Study in Nigeria

Best Science courses for Female

Here’s some of the best science courses that are popular and well-suited for females:

  1. Medicine: Medicine remains a popular choice for females, as it provides an opportunity to make a significant impact on people’s lives through healthcare and medical research.
  2. Nursing: Nursing is a compassionate and rewarding profession that allows females to play a crucial role in patient care and health promotion.
  3. Biology: The study of Biology offers a diverse range of specializations, including genetics, ecology, and physiology, providing females with various avenues to explore their scientific interests.
  4. Pharmacy: Pharmacy is a field that combines science with patient care, enabling females to contribute to healthcare by ensuring the safe and effective use of medications.
  5. Veterinary Science: For those who have a passion for animals, Veterinary Science provides a rewarding career path focused on animal health and welfare.
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Remember, the best science course for females ultimately depends on individual interests, passions, and career goals.

Science offers a broad spectrum of possibilities, and females have been making remarkable contributions in various scientific fields for many years.

Best Science Courses for Male

Here’s a list of five popular science courses that both male and female students often pursue:

  1. Computer Science: This field focuses on software development, programming, and data analysis, offering vast opportunities in the tech industry.
  2. Engineering (Electrical, Mechanical, Civil, etc.): Engineering courses equip students with problem-solving skills and the ability to design and innovate in various sectors.
  3. Physics: The study of fundamental principles governing the universe, appealing to those with a passion for scientific exploration.
  4. Medicine: Pursuing a career in medicine allows individuals to make a significant impact on people’s lives through healthcare and medical research.
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Remember, the best science course for anyone depends on their interests, strengths, and career aspirations, regardless of gender.

Everyone should feel encouraged to follow their passion and explore the scientific fields that align with their goals.


Selecting the right science course is an important decision that can shape one’s future.

These ten best science courses in Nigeria offer exciting prospects and opportunities for personal and professional growth.

When making your choice, consider your strengths, interests, and long-term career goals. Remember, pursuing a science degree can lead to a fulfilling and rewarding career with the potential to impact society positively.

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